The phase of resources recording came to an end. With this activity, the partnership recorded audiovisual material to create video tutorials of the workshops part of the innovative methodology.  

How did it work? 

First, they recorded right the workshops implemented in the various schools of the Consortium (Italy, Romania and Spain). Then, they created voice-overs in English and in their into national languages, as well as subtitles to explain what’s going on and to make accessible the videos for different needs. In fact, this is an important goal of the project set on its beginning, which is the promotion of inclusion. Therefore, it is not proposed just in schools through the workshops, but also in the project deliverables and implementation. 

In fact, the main goal of the videos is to support an interactive way to learn how to promote equality and inclusion. Teachers and educators can have a better overview on the workshops implementation, clarifying what is expected and the various dynamics which might emerge.  

Check them on the project YouTube channel and on the specific section of the website. They will also be connected to the specific workshops on the interactive handbook, which is in progress. The handbook will include the methodology and the investigation about of the break as learning space.  

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