The “Inclusive Break” project (2021-1-ES01-KA220-SCH-000032638) reached the first goal!

The Consortium analysed the school break benefits and its dynamics in the first project result, the investigation “The school break as a learning space”. 

In particular, the partners presented at first an overview on the break dynamics, then analysing in more depth its socio-psychological implications, the role of adults, as well as the physical, social and psychological benefits. Among the topics, the research addresses issues school groups and stigma construction, experiments, the play influence, the inclusivity aspects of the break and other various thematic related. 

In the last chapter, the role of adults, it’s explained the different position of teachers and parents/caregivers, giving recommendations according to that.  

The research is the first part of the interactive handbook, which the Consortium is developing step by step. In fact, now the partners are working on the next handbook section: the workshops which they are designing and testing in the different schools of the countries part of the project. The next results will be also published here, so keep to stay tuned visiting the web site and following the project Facebook and Instagram pages! 

To access the investigation, click here! 

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