The Inclusive break project is officially concluded, as well as the deliverables development, but the collaboration among partners will continue for sure.  

Together, they worked hard to increase the participation of students who do not usually relate to each other, who may have had some disagreements during the academic year or who simply have never met. Besides, they worked to strength the knowledge of teachers, educators and support workers in the field of inclusive and person-centered pedagogy, as well as to promote a sufficiently solid educational basis of values to promote respect, tolerance and equality. 

Experimentation has been a key in the development process of the Inclusive Break project. Students from the three participating countries have been actively involved in the implementation of the 31 workshops designed. The results and impact have been remarkable, as evidenced by the evaluations of the teachers and the students themselves. Especially the youngest ones, those aged 6 to 8, have shown a contagious excitement, highlighting the effectiveness of the methodology in the first stage of their training.  

In addition to greater social cohesion, they have become more confident and empowered, enabling them to invite other peers to join in their games and create a friendlier and more inclusive school environment.  

Teachers, who have witnessed the change first-hand, have been unanimous in their comments about the positive impact on students. This evolution towards greater tolerance and acceptance of diversity has been particularly noticeable among younger students, highlighting the importance of introducing inclusion and non-formal education from an early age.  

Now, there is a new era coming, the time of the wide use of the methodology designed through the use of the handbook, of the investigation and of the video tutorials, in order to promote the knock-on effect in schools and a more inclusive society.  

Download the handbook and share your impressions to contribute to this educational change. 

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