In a world that strives for equality and inclusivity, the Inclusive Break project main goal has emerged to transform the ordinary school break into a dynamic and inclusive learning space through the development of the handbook, crafted to serve as a guiding light for educators. This handbook is the culmination of extensive methodology and research, delving into the concept of school breaks as valuable educational opportunities, exploring their physical, psychological, and social benefits. 

Led by the consortium, the project’s methodology took shape through the creation of 31 designed workshops. Tailored specifically for school breaks, each workshop is thoughtfully outlined in the handbook, accompanied by user-friendly work diagrams and enlightening video tutorials, which are a bridge between the testing phase of the methodology and the involvement of teachers and students in the evaluation and validation process. 

In fact, the interactive handbook goes beyond providing a mere framework for workshops; it also offers recommendations and considerations, based on the evaluation carried out during the testing phase. These insights serve as a compass, guiding educators as they adapt the methodology to suit their unique school environments. By taking these recommendations into account, educators can maximize the impact of the “Inclusive Break” project and create lasting transformations within their schools. 

In order to download the handbook, you only need to come back to the project’s website, to the “results” section and click on “handbook” (or just click on the “handbook” link). When you download it, you can be an active part of the inclusion process and contribute with your feedback.  

To learn more about the “Inclusive Break” project and its profound impact on education, visit the project Instagram, Facebook and the Youtube channel. 

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