On the 17th and 18th of July 2023, all partners of the project attended the final gathering and event in Valladolid, Spain. The meeting aimed to underscore the significance of breaks for students and policymakers alike, shedding light on the positive influence these intervals can have on well-being and learning outcomes. During the event, partners assessed the project’s impact, discussed its results and implementation, and engaged with Spanish policymakers to advocate for integrating breaks into school programs. The Youth Center Aleste, managed by the Don Bosco Federation, played a pivotal role as a project collaborator in this initiative. 

The meeting commenced with a thorough analysis of the project process and steps by the partners. They took stock of the project’s achievements, analyzed the quality of its outcomes, and identified areas that required further attention. This assessment provided insights into what had been accomplished and what remained to be done to maximize the project’s effectiveness. 

With the first day of the gathering dedicated to evaluation, the partners then focused on planning a compelling awareness campaign. The objective was to raise consciousness about the importance of breaks among policy makers. By doing so, they aimed to inspire policymakers and educators to recognize the significance of breaks in enhancing student well-being and academic performance. 

In fact, the consortium organized an event aimed at promoting the outcomes of the Inclusive Break project and engaging in dialogue with Spanish policymakers. During the event, the children of the Youth Center Aleste actively participated in workshops designed by the consortium, with the support of educators. This hands-on experience allowed the politicians to witness the immediate benefits of breaks on students’ well-being and learning. 

As part of the project’s deliverables, the consortium developed an interactive handbook to facilitate the implementation of breaks in educational settings. The handbook, available on the project website, provided insights into the benefits of breaks and practical guidelines on how to incorporate them into school curricula.  

For those interested in exploring the Inclusive Break project’s outcomes and resources, the interactive handbook, investigation on break benefits, and workshop video tutorials can be accessed on the project website (the videos also on the YouTube channel) 

To stay up-to-date with future initiatives and projects by Inclusive Break, the consortium always invites you to follow the project Instagram and Facebook pages. By staying engaged, you can actively contribute to the conversation on the importance of breaks in education and support the continued efforts to create positive learning environments for students. Because of that, don’t forget to leave your feedback about the handbook here.

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