In an effort to promote inclusion and provide equal opportunities for all students, CEIPES and the «Maredolce» school organized an event to present the project results on the 5th of July.  

Participants had the opportunity to understand the benefits and possibilities that the Inclusive Break project offers to improve the quality of education and foster an inclusive school environment, as well as the material that has been developed throughout the project. It includes the interactive manual, within it you can find the investigation on the benefits of the break, the methodology created and tested to foster the use of breaks, and video tutorials on how to carry out the activities. Both videos and handbook include advice on adaptations for students with specific educational support needs. 

The event was attended by more than 60 people, including teachers and educators from various primary and secondary schools. Their attendance reflects the interest and importance given to the promotion of inclusion in the educational environment and the feedback received from them has been positive. CEIPES and Maredolce also had the opportunity to exchange best practices and opinions about the break’s implementation in Italy, about how adapt them in school and enhancing the same need of break for teachers.  

The Inclusive Break project will not only have an impact at the school level but will also have an impact on society at large. 

For more information about the project and its activities, follow the project Facebook and Instagram pages. 

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