We continue with the implementation of the Inclusive Break project. Thanks to CEIP Lope de Vega, in Spain we are carrying out inclusive sessions in their breaks, as part of the testing phase of the project. The pupils of the first cycle of primary school have already enjoyed their sessions! Now it is the turn of the boys and girls of the second cycle and, by January 2023, the third cycle will enjoy these breaks.

A days at CEIP Lope de Vega of León, where our colleague Radya is one of the protagonists in the most awaited moment of the school day: the break. For this, she is carrying out some sessions previously designed by the whole consortium, with their essential adaptations and subsequent evaluations. A work that will serve to take steps in this project.

In addition, several media outlets in León have shared the news. We invite you to take a look to find out more about Inclusive Break and all that is to come.

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