All the consortium of Inclusive Break project tested the workshops designed as part of the methodology to enhance the power of break in schools. In particular, workshops are focused on three macro-categories: sports and outdoor activities, inclusive and traditional games, icebreakers and evaluation. 

Schools in Italy, Spain and Romania had the chance to be an active part of this process. The feedback and evaluation from teachers and students have been fundamental for the finalisation and validation of this part of the methodology. Students from all the countries involved carried out activities to fight discrimination, understand what exclusion means and to revaluate their mindset through adaptation of various games, modified right to foster inclusion. They also used their fantasy to flight on a carpet and discover imaginary places together, as well as they carried out activities about recycling and physical exercises.  

In general, the evaluation was good and both teachers and students were fully satisfied. The effects of the breaks and of the activities were also positive. Students had more energy in coming back to the classrooms and their minds seemed to be enlightened, ready to work again. 

 Now, the consortium is focusing on the development of both video tutorials, right about these workshops, and of the final handbook. 

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