Italian Partners, CEIPES and MAREDOLCE school, tested the workshops designed through the project “Inclusive Break: equal opportunities in educational centres”. These workshops are a second part of a methodology in phase of structure, which aims to foster the break and its positive  effects inside schools. The first part of the methodology is the investigation about the recess benefits, of which you can discover more here: 

Between October 2022 and January 2023, CEIPES and MAREDOLCE implemented the workshops with the students of primary and secondary level of MAREDOLCE school. The activities carried out were related to sports, outdoor activities, icebreakers, evaluation, traditional and inclusive games. The international partnerships of the project allowed to mix the expertise, professional and cultural background to design activities focused on the main goal of the project. In fact, students from MAREDOLCE had the chance to play typical Spanish and Romanian games.  

Besides, they have been protagonists of their own skills development related to inclusion and equality, as well as key resources for the evaluation and validation of the methodology and workshops. These latter had a positive response, students enjoyed the activities and expressed the wish to play again the games. The feedback from teachers was also good, in fact they noticed an improvement on the students performance regarding both productivity and psychological well-being. The workshops will be accessible through video tutorial and through the website of the project, which we kindly ask you to visit at the link

What’s next?  

  • Partners are working on the development of video tutorial related to the workshops 
  • The final handbook will be finalised soon 
  • Partners will meet in Valladolid (Spain) for the last meeting and final conference 
  • Local events will be organised to share the final results of the project.  

To know more about these next steps, the local events and how access the deliverables, follow the project Facebook and Instagram pages!

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